Initaial Jury

It was held on 13 October 2012(saturday) at the head office of Shelter Co., Ltd in Yamagata.

Final Jury

It will be heid on17 November 2012(saturday) at the Hillside Plaza in Hillside Terrace in Tokyo.

Judging procedure and announcement of results

A number of works will be selected at the Initial Jury, which will be held on 13 October 2012, and the results of this jury will be announced on this website. The authors of the selected works will be invited to present their works, either in Japanese or in English, at an open-jury(the final jury) in Tokyo on 17 November 2012 (Saturday). The Jury will decide the first, second and third prizes at the open-jury. The works will be published on The Shelter Corporation's website and in architectural magazines.

※Participants at the open-jury presentation must prepare one additional A1 sheet presentation board.
※All Submissions will not be returned, and become the property of Shelter Co., Ltd.
 Shelter Co., Ltd. Reserves the right to reproduce, distribute, in part or in whole, any images or text included in the submission material.